Length of lessons:

  • Young beginners, typically grades K-2nd, begin with 30-minute lessons, which later can be bumped up to 45 minutes.  
  • Advanced young beginners can begin at 45 minutes
  • Intermediate & advanced lessons 45, 60 or 90 minutes, depending on student & family choice. 
  • Older Sibling lessons can typically be scheduled back-to-back.  Both students can stay while 1 has a lesson, the other student practices on a keyboard with a headset, at teacher discretion.

Length of sessions:

  • Semester (5 months) or year (10 months) commitment is encouraged.  Month to month is an option.
  • Sometimes with Kindergarteners we give it a try for a month at a time & evaluate as we go​.

Various openings: 

Monday - Thursday, 9am - 7pm

Friday 9am - 5pm

Home schoolers are typically scheduled before 3:00 PM

No weekend lessons at this time                                               

​Music Brings Us Together

​​Paradise Music

& Arts Academy

Now Enrolling for new & returning students for private music lessons 

(beginner, intermediate & advanced)

At Paradise Music & Arts Academy,

music lessons are fun, interactive, inspiring,

motivational and built on a solid technical foundation.

CO$T for Private Weekly Lessons:   

New students: One-time Registration/Materials Fee $50.    


30 minutes: $35 Monthly* average is $140. 

  Pay in advance DISCOUNTS:    

    Semester $700 (Discount $75) = $625 total. 

    Yearly $1,400 (Discount $150) = $1,250 total.

45 minutes: $50. Monthly* average $200.

  Pay in advance DISCOUNTS:

    Semester $1,000 (Discount $75) = $925 total.

    Yearly $2,000 (Discount $200) = $1,800 total.

60 minutes: $65 Monthly* average $260.

  Pay in advance DISCOUNTS:

​    Semester $1,300 (Discount $75) = $1,225 total.

    Yearly $2,600 (Discount $200) = $2,400 total.

90 minutes: $95 Monthly* average $380.

  Pay in advance DISCOUNTS:

    Semester $1,900 (Discount $100) = $1,800 total.

​    Yearly $3,800 (Discount $200) = $3,600 total.

  • ​*A month is typically 4 weeks. On the rare occasion there are 5 weeks in a month, 5 weeks will be charged.
  • Semester & Yearly Discounts given when paid in full, in advance
  • All lessons are paid for in advance
  • Monthly billing:  Monthly invoices are automatically generated  
  • Monthly payments are made from the e-mail invoice & paid directly via PayPal
  • ​10 day drop (quit) notice is required or the next month will be charged
  • Auto-pay is available
  • No refunds given
  • Missed classes are not refunded or carried over
  • All lessons are to be used within the month / semester / year paid for
  • ​Major holidays, lessons are typically not scheduled & not billed  
  • Spring vacations are taken into account & not charged when planned ahead
  • Summer schedule is on an individual basis


Your payment for lessons will come directly from Golden Valley Charter School after you submit your paperwork to GV.  You are responsible for 1st time registration & materials fee of $50.

Music Share (Recital) Cost:

  • Typically, $50 per student to participate. 
  • Meals are often potluck style.  If catered, a fee will be discussed prior to event.  Meals are optional.
  • No charge to attend.  Invite as many friends, family & neighbors as you like. 


Fall Start: 1st week in September

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Break: typically, Wednesday—Friday

Holiday Show: usually, the 1st weekend in December

Winter Break: last few weeks of December—New Years

Spring Break: mostly follow Ventura Unified School District calendar  

Memorial Day

Spring Show: usually 3rd weekend in May

Summer Vacation: mid June—mid August